Relentlessly focused on our mission to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes, Puppy Store is the trusted service that connects dog lovers with responsible breeders nationwide.

There is almost no similarity between Puppy Store and a pet store. Pet stores typically sell thousands of products for animals of all kinds. Our mission is simple and clear – to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes. While there are countless differences between Puppy Store and a pet store, we will highlight a few of them here.

  • Direct to You: Because of our commitment to the humane treatment of all dogs, when you find a puppy at Puppy Store, it comes directly from an experienced breeder (literally, thanks to Puppy Store’s travel program, your puppy will arrive in your home the same day it leaves its breeder). As a result, your puppy will spend its entire life before it arrives in your home with its breeder and parents. On the other hand, by the time a puppy makes it to a pet store, that puppy may have made several stops, over several weeks, before it even arrived in the store.

  • Transparent Access to Puppies: Depending upon where you live, you may not be able to find a purebred or purpose-bred designer puppy at a pet store. In an effort to combat the inhumane treatment of animals, many states actually prohibit pet stores from selling puppies. And, even if you do happen to live in a state that has not yet enacted a pet store ban, it can be nearly impossible for you to independently verify whether a pet store puppy came from a responsible breeder. At Puppy Store, we are committed to transparency, and you will not only have peace of mind knowing our expert compliance team has screened, vetted and qualified your breeder, but will know everything you want to know about your puppy, including its breeder, its parents and its health history.

  • Proprietary Screening of Breeders: Another major difference is our proprietary screening process. At Puppy Store, we carefully screen all of our breeders before we invite them to join our network and, to stay in our network, breeders need to continue to meet our evolving standards.

  • Health Screening & Guarantee: In addition to our compliance efforts, our extensive health protocols are the industry’s best, culminating with a requirement that your puppy pass our proprietary nose-to-tail health exam, administered by a licensed veterinarian, before we will allow your puppy to travel. And, after your puppy arrives home, not only do we provide our exclusive health guarantee, but we are here to support you throughout your puppy journey. We really mean it when we tell you our relationship with you begins, it does not end, when you find your puppy on Puppy Store

Yes we do have proof of deliveries. Base on the authorization given to us by some of our customers, we have put some senders receipt from our deliveries while hiding some sensitive details. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE

While finding a puppy used to be a local exercise where you were limited to the breeds and breeders near you regardless of their quality or experience, Puppy Store has changed all of that. Puppy Store was specifically designed to connect you with the perfect puppy for you, no matter where in the country you or the breeder live. As a result, in most cases, the first time you meet your new best friend is when he or she arrives in your home. That said, our transparent process is specifically designed to eliminate all the scary unknowns that often accompany looking for a new puppy, whether you are looking online or offline. From the start of the process when we screen, vet and qualify every breeder in our network, to our unmatched health and vaccination protocols, we do everything to ensure you receive a healthy puppy from a responsible source. And, we back all of that with an industry-leading health guarantee.

Although you will not visit your new family member before he or she travels to you, our team of puppy experts is committed to keeping you informed of milestones including your puppy’s health check, travel arrangements, and what your puppy is eating. 

Our No Puppy Mill Promise sits at the core of what we do, and Puppy Store has a zero-tolerance policy for any organization or individual that practices or perpetuates inhumane treatment of animals. A “puppy mill” is an illegitimate source of puppies that places profit above the welfare of animals and, not only are puppy mills inhumane and cruel, but also typically operate in violation of the law or government regulations. Puppy mills need to be shut down. Period.

Puppy Store’s dedicated Health Team is comprised of experts on puppy and dog care. The Puppy Store Health Team uses a proprietary checklist to confirm and reconfirm that every puppy meets the company’s best-in-class health standards before the puppy travels to you. Among other things, before we clear any puppy to travel to its forever home, the puppy must undergo and pass a comprehensive nose-to-tail health evaluation and, after arriving home, another within two business days of arrival.

A health certificate is a document that is completed by a licensed veterinarian after they inspect your puppy and clear him or her of infectious disease prior to travel. A health certificate, which is included as part of the Puppy Store process, is required for all animals prior to travel, even if they are only traveling within one state.

Our health guarantee covers your puppy against congenital or hereditary conditions, which adversely affect your puppy’s health.

While puppies are living, breathing beings and nobody can promise they will always be healthy, our entire process is designed to deliver on our mission to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes. Our breeders are required to take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian for our proprietary nose-to-tail health exam within three days prior to a puppy’s scheduled travel date. The results of that exam, signed by the licensed veterinarian, are then submitted to our dedicated Health Team which then reviews the documentation before we will clear the puppy for travel. The health of your puppy is our primary concern which is why, in addition to all that we do to try to make sure your puppy is happy and healthy when he or she arrives, we also provide a comprehensive health guarantee.

Yes. Airlines have been transporting live animals for years and have procedures put in place to ensure the health and safety of animals. Animals are flown in pressurized, temperature controlled compartments of the plane and Puppy Store has safely placed nearly 8,700 puppies.

We put the health and well-being of our puppies first, so we do not allow puppies to travel to their new homes earlier than eight weeks of age (and, if your puppy is a small breed, the puppy must be at least two pounds or 12 weeks old, whichever comes first). We’ll make sure your puppy arrives as quickly and safely as possible.

Our puppies travel through pet-friendly services, either via ground or air transportation. Our pet-friendly airline partners include major air carriers such as Delta Airlines and American Airlines that transport the puppies in a pressurized, temperature-controlled environment.

Air travel is widely preferred and utilized, but ground transport may also be available based on breed, location, distance and breeder availability and preference.